Pyroglass is our family brand for specialised fire rated glass. From fire place viewing to Bushfire Attack Level: Flame Zone (BAL-FZ), and even extreme Fire Resistance Level (FRL) for up to 120 minutes in both Integrity (FRL -/120/-) and Insulating (FRL -/120/120) performance, the Pyroglass range meets multiple performance needs.

Given the new NCC amendments to Australia’s fire safety standards, the ability to protect and stop the spread of fire will be crucial in further applications and building types. Pyroglass offers a range of specialised glass products that remain clear in look with high Visible Light Transmittance (VLT) – whether it is to see your warming fire in winter or easy viewing through fire doors, enjoying your view of nature or providing certainty in protection in commercial buildings.

These specialised glass products come from German glass manufacturer Schott with Australian Glass Group (AGG) operating as their exclusive processor and distributor in Australia.

Our fire rated window and door glass options are also available as laminates and Double Glazed Units (DGU), meaning we can supply our full range of glass products for multiple performance options, including Energy Efficiency (LowE), Insulation, Acoustics, Privacy, Security, Colour and Structure.

Find out how our Pyroglass range can help your building achieve advanced fire rated performance without compromising the look.