The NCC 2019 brought in significant changes to all new commercial builds within Australia. With the increased minimal performances introduced, we saw a jump in the required performance of our glass and glazing – specifically, increased insulation (seen as a lower U-Value) and increased solar control (seen as a lower SHGC).

This increased the demand of energy efficient glass in our commercial builds. Using traditional glass products, this would result in darker looking glass with lower Visible Light Transmittance (VLT), resulting in less natural light entering the building.

By using modern solar control Softcoat LowE coatings, however, we are able to meet or exceed these new minimal performance values without compromising the look.

Insulglass LowE Max is one of the world’s highest performing Softcoat LowE glass types with a very low U-Value and SHGC, without compromising its subtle neutral look or high 66-68% VLT.

Find out how Insulglass LowE Max can be the ideal solution for your project.