The Australian Constructors Association (ACA) has welcomed the release of the Ashurst ‘Scope for Improvement’ Report on the construction and infrastructure industry.

Published by Ashurst in conjunction with the ACA and Infrastructure Partnerships Australia, the 2014 Scope for Improvement Report is the latest in a series of reports that highlight challenges involved in the development and delivery of major projects.

Based on comprehensive analysis of the market and incorporating inputs from a wide range of stakeholders including industry, finance sector and government agencies, the report discusses current issues and provides insights into the drivers behind the future of the construction and infrastructure industry in Australia in the medium term.

ACA Executive Director, Lindsay Le Compte said that the release of the report coincides with various budgetary announcements made by Australian governments that include substantial capital works in the infrastructure sector.

According to Mr Le Compte, the report reflects the views of industry on the challenges of delivering large scale projects and is particularly timely as most Australian governments have made high allocations for infrastructure projects. Key challenges facing the industry and identified in the report include productivity, skills shortages, scoping of projects, cost of tendering and risk allocation, all of which impact construction projects today.

Mr Le Compte commented that government agencies responsible for managing these projects will have to work with the industry to ensure the public receives the benefit of the projects with on-time and on-budget completions.