Austral Precast recently launched its Double Wall that can form the core of a building.

A prefabricated precast concrete panel system, Double Wall achieves incredible time and cost savings by allowing builders to simultaneously pour horizontal floor slabs and elevator shafts while also constructing external and internal wall structures.

Engineered for total flexibility
The Double Wall system is engineered for total flexibility in load bearing and non load-bearing applications. It also provides a host of benefits including:
  • speed of construction
  • costs savings and durability
  • flexible precast construction
  • easily transportable to a site for assembly
  • provides thermal efficient external and internal concrete walls
  • high resistance to wind, earthquake and soil loads
This easy to construct, low maintenance solution is ideal for constructing:
  • elevator lift shafts
  • cantilever walls including retaining walls and service pits
  • concrete liquid-retaining structures
  • propped cantilever walls such as basement walls
  • two-way bending structures
The Austral Precast Double Wall concrete panel system achieves Building Code of Australia (BCA) compliance.