Austral Plywoods  manufactures bendy ply which minimises labour and the cost of material simultaneously. Austral Plywoods also offers plain blendy which can be used to cover the plywood. The bendy plywoods which are faced with hoop pine do not open into a curved shape because of the tight grain. This also eradicates the requirement of thin plywood to hide the open grain.

Austral Plywoods produces blendy plywoods that utilise a glue system of type A bond. These plywoods further provide a resilient bond in the close-fitted radius. These also abridge the difficult methods of constructing a range of curved forms by eradicating the requirement of pieces that are prefabricated. However, if required, the acoustic plywoods by Austral Plywoods can be made fire retardant, slotted or time resistant on the specific requests.

Austral Plywoods also manufactures interior plywoods using a white glue system of C type bond which ends the issues that could further damage the appearance. The teak and ash decking plywoods by Austral Plywoods are produced with A grade hoop pine and provide a sturdy surface. These give a plank effect to the surface. This plank effect of hoop pine plywood is similar to the boards that are V jointed. The 2.5 mm crossband faced with a hoop pine veneer which is clear and thus, provides a durable surface for class finishing.

The hoop pine flooring by Austral Plywoods is strong and stiff in relation to weight and easily installable. This is a cost effective process. The flooring can also be provided in either grooved or tongued, based on specific requests.