Craftstone from Austech External Building Products is a proven range of stone cladding products that can be used to create stylish interiors as well as exteriors in homes or commercial and hospitality settings.

For those who are considering renovating the landscaping around their pool, Craftstone cladding stone offers the perfect solution to replicate the amazing stone featured walls and beautiful stone fountains found in luxury resorts, hotels and health centres.

Austech’s range of Craftstone can help homeowners create an identical stylish appearance. Commonly used for indoor projects, this manufactured stone is now becoming increasingly popular in outdoor applications such as pool features, waterfalls, outdoor bars and entertaining areas.

Craftstone cladding stone offers several benefits including a lightweight construction that allows its use in pool features and waterfalls without any need for costly structural support; substantially cheaper cost, often half the price of natural stone; exceptional durability with zero maintenance requirements; wide choice of colours and textures to suit any design; and 25-year limited warranty for long-term quality assurance.