Gable vents are often seen as a cost effective and simple way to improve the exterior appearance of a home. They also play an important function in home ventilation and energy efficiency.

Duraflo gable vents, available from Austech External Building Products , offer a striking design accent for homes with a deep wood grain finish for the appearance of real wood without the maintenance.

With a number of shapes to fit all designs, Duraflo gable vents add quality and enhance the look and functionality of any building.

Duraflo offer many features with their gable vents that make installation simple and improve efficiency. Every gable vent comes with a removable template for a snug fit, a large flange for easy installation, 75mm J channel for superior trimming access and the patented Duraflo Drip Channel that directs water out and over external cladding.

Gable vents also provide vital ventilation for attic spaces that improve a home’s comfort and reduce condensation. Poor ventilation can cause roof insulation to become damp from condensation, which renders it ineffective. Condensation can also lead to rotting roof frames and ceilings, plus the peeling of exterior paint and damage to internal ceilings and walls.

To avoid problems with condensation and inefficient insulation, Austech External Building Products recommend that attic temperatures be similar to those outside. One of the easiest ways to do this is with a simple passive ventilation system using gable vents.

The benefit of a passive ventilation system means that once installed, nature and physics work together to ventilate a roof space, not electricity, saving home owners money.

All Duraflo gable vents come with built in insect prevention system, to stop insects or vermin from entering the attic space through the gable vent.

Duraflo also offer a range of gable windows to complement the vents with similar styles and sizes. Duraflo windows provide maximum light performance and add aesthetic appeal to the interior and exterior of homes.

All products from Duraflo are built to last. They do not to split, peel, chip, warp or crack.