Austech External Building Products  has added DuraPlank external weatherboard to its range of vinyl cladding, with a sleek modern contour that creates clean lines and a deep shadow. DuraPlank is reminiscent of traditional house cladding, creating the look of simple flat weatherboards laid over each other, while providing all the benefits of vinyl wall cladding.

DuraPlank vinyl wall cladding is available with added 20mm or 30mm foam backing, offering additional insulation to the home. This is ideal for old houses that are reclad because the walls do not need to be ripped off to add the insulation. DuraPlank vinyl weatherboard cladding is also ideal for new homes as it provides a continuous thermal barrier, not just filling in gaps between wooden studs.

DuraPlank is exterior cladding that has been specifically designed for modern Australian homes and features Duratechnology. This is a patented colour protection process that creates longer lasting colour and an impact resistant board. Austech offers a 50 year product manufacturers warranty, providing peace of mind and maintenance free living.

More information on DuraPlank vinyl weatherboard cladding and its benefits is available from Austech External Building Products.