E-locker systems have been installed at two Yarra City leisure centres – Richmond Recreation Centre and Fitzroy Swimming Pool.

The main issue that arose for the council with the previous locker system was that it couldn’t be accessed by the existing Health Club membership cards and it was unable to control non-members from accessing a free locker.

Aussie Lockers were called in to install a high-tech secure locker system that would deliver greater security for casual users and members of the facilities. At the same time, the council wanted to fully understand and track locker usage.

Special software was developed to accommodate the council’s requirements, which included online access for quicker diagnostics for any issues arising and collection of data for the council’s perusal.

Lockers are accessed through membership cards and coins, allowing greater security for the centre’s clients, greater access to locker usage information and a system which will eventually pay for itself.

The Richmond Recreation Centre manager says the previous standard metal lockers required a key to open them and were broken into frequently.

“Because theft was getting out of hand, and the keys and locks needed regular maintenance, we looked at a number of locker systems on the market.

“The lockers have been in place for approximately four years. While there are occasional teething issues with the console, these are relatively easy to troubleshoot and have been fairly low maintenance.

“Since these lockers were installed there have been zero thefts from lockers.

“Overall we have been happy with the product we chose. There are limited options on the market that addressed all the specifications we required and e-lockers were able to do this. Communication with the business has also been good and the service line to assist staff troubleshooting issues has been helpful.”

Aussie Lockers prides itself on its ongoing service to these sites, and all other sites where the e-locker system is installed.