Lockers are an essential part of any school, university or tafe, providing students somewhere safe to leave their belongings, where they can also be accessed at will.


With the hustle and bustle of students moving throughout the day, it’s important they have ease of access to a self-service locker system that is highly secure and intuitively designed.


Education facilities want to be as efficient as possible with cost but not compromise on providing a productive environment for their students.


Aussie Lockers introduces the Keyless Electronic System, providing a hi-tech security locker system that is simple and efficient to operate.


The smart locker system will identify the student’s card and issues a locker accordingly. The interface gives preference to people with disabilities by issuing them with a locker in the middle of the locker bank. Once the student RFID card has been swiped or scanned, they interface with the campus security inner range access control system, with each user being recorded.


The student has unlimited re-entry to their hired locker within the set period, with a final entry question presented each time for added security.


The student isn’t restricted to using one bank of lockers. Once they have gathered their belongings from a locker at one end of the venue the student is then able to use a locker that’s positioned at the other end of the venue.


In the event, the student has overstayed their time limit; they are sent an SMS advising they must collect their belongings. The student can only hire one locker at a time and lockers that aren’t in use can’t be opened.


The touch screen that is built within each bank of lockers uses the latest in computer technology and provides the student with step-by-step instructions as well as multiple language options for ease of use.


Around the clock maintenance and operational support is part of the ongoing service Aussie Lockers provides for the Keyless Electronic Lockers. The support team are able to network and access all control units at any given time. Remote logs and audits allow the venue to access the status of each individual locker along with an email provided monthly, that reports on revenue and locker usage.


A very affordable and reliable Keyless Electronic Locker System that doesn’t compromise on security or usability is now a reality.