Buzon pedestals have been installed to support the timber joists during the replacement of decking at Jones Bay Wharf in Sydney.

One of the last remaining finger wharves on Sydney Harbour, the 1919-built Jones Bay Wharf is a prestigious office address to many local and international businesses including the renowned Dalton House Conference Centre and one of Sydney’s premier waterfront restaurants, Flying Fish.

As part of the heritage design, timber decking was constructed on the upper exterior terraces and gantries. The timber joists placed directly on the waterproofed deck had over the past 10 years, deteriorated beyond repair. During the replacement of the decking, it was decided to raise the joists above the deck to allow water to freely drain underneath and prevent the bearers from rotting due to direct long term contact with water.

The Buzon pedestal system consisting of a combination of DPH-series pedestals ranging from 17mm to 35mm in height was installed under the joists to support the newly constructed timber deck. A specialised joist holder that connects to the top of the pedestal accommodates joists up to 65mm in thickness. In some areas where the deck sloped away, PH5 slope compensation devices were attached to the top of the pedestals to create a level surface.

Delivering a cost-effective and long-term solution when constructing timber decks and paved terraces over exterior hard surfaces, Buzon pedestals are available in a range of heights from 17mm to 1050mm to suit the needs of residential or large commercial projects.

Buzon pedestals are available from Ausdrain .