Ausdrain’s  provide a range of tunnel drainage devices including its DELTA wall drainage system which can be used to eradicate and prevent unwanted building moisture. 

The DELTA-PT wall drainage system is specifically designed to drain out damp cellars to turn them into habitable rooms. The wall drainage system is made out of waterproof and ventilated dimpled sheets which can be applied to existing walls to isolate defective and damp affected areas. 

The system also forms a reliable and durable support for new plastic and render coats over the problem areas, and ensures long term protection from moisture penetration.

Other key benefits and features of the DELTA-PT wall drainage system includes: 

  • highly impact-resistant and flexible 
  • sheets made out of special high density polyethylene with a bonded twist woven HDPE mesh to provide durability
  • mesh helps prevent delaminating
  • forms a waterproof and robust support for plasters, render coats and plasterboard panels
  • can resist temperatures between -30 to +80 degrees Celsius. 
  • will not get affected by acids, alkaline solutions, oils or solvents 
  • creates ventilation air gaps between damp cellar walls and new plaster coats within its 8mm dimples 
  • easily installed and applied vertically with lateral overlaps 
  • transparency of the sheets makes installation easy with clear fixing points 
  • can be used for homes, drinking water applications, tunnels and subterranean transportation systems
  • 25 year degradation warranty