Designed with convenience and functionality, Ausco Modular kitchens and diners can be tailored to meet any requirements whilst providing maximum comfort for guests. Featuring innovative modular designs, dining room sizes can be altered to meet the constantly changing requirements of a busy construction site.

Ausco Modular kitchens and diners have been manufactured to meet all required food and safety standards including natural ventilation, insect control, non-slip floors and easily accessible emergency exits.

Kitchen facilities feature state-of-the-art preparation areas and equipment for general purpose cooking, vegetable and meat preparation, pastry preparation, an abundance of storage areas and cafeteria style serving facilities for hot and cold items.

All modular kitchens and diners are designed in aesthetically appealing ways to offer a dynamic eating experience, with varying table sizes to promote an increased sense of workplace cohesion as people are encouraged to congregate and interact with one another.

Dining facilities are designed to enhance efficient flow of patrons with a modern open plan featuring high ceilings and accessible thoroughfare channels, creating a stylish bistro style atmosphere and dynamic atmosphere within the dining room.

Ausco Modular’s proven performance standards, following over 40 years of extensive industry experience ensures the company can be trusted to deliver both quality and functional kitchens and diners to meet the demands of patrons and staff alike.