More than three decades down the track, the RACV Home Show and Garden Expo is firmly established as a premier exhibition in Australia.

For many of those 35 years, Attic Ladders has been an ardent supporter and a firm favourite with showgoers due to its friendly and expert staff and hands-on exhibit which features several types of working attic ladders.

The RACV Show runs from Saturday, August 25 through to Sunday, September 2 at the Melbourne Exhibition and Convention Centre and attracts not only Melbournians but folk from all over Victoria.

Once again Attic Ladders has scored a prime position in Exhibit Stakes and jumps from stand 016 which is only a few metres away from the fabulous twin Gardens of the World exhibits which are split by the Beer Garden.

Thirsty work strolling around the huge complex searching for great ideas for the home and garden.

Attic Ladders award-winning exhibit it picked up a major exhibit prize at 2007 Sydney Home Show is always a hit with showgoers of all ages.

The main attractions at the Attic Ladders stand are of course the friendly, expert staff who can provide the good oil on not only attic ladders but total roof conversions, and several working attic ladders.

The RAV Home Show and Garden Expo is open 10am-9pm on Saturday, 10am-7pm Sunday through to Wednesday, 10am-9pm Thursday-Saturdaya and 10am-7pm on ‘last drinks’ day, Sunday, September 2.