Sporting identities, Doug Walters and John ‘Bomber’ Peard, were special guests when the Attic Group officially opened their new national headquarters in Tempe.

The new premises, incorporating offices, showroom, parking, factory and distribution centre is situated at Princes Highway, just up the road from the previous company headquarters.

The Dungog Dasher and Bomber had much in common with the Attic Group. From small beginnings, all three developed into trusted and honoured names in their respective fields.

Doug Walters with his brilliant batting, bowling and fielding on the cricket field and John ‘Bomber’ Peard’s skills on a rugby league field – especially in the kicking department - were without peer.

They developed from young kids playing sport in the backyard into champion sportsmen. The Attic Group story runs along similar lines.

Founder, John Stewart, introduced the innovative foldaway attic ladder to Australia in 1975 when his newly-formed company, Attic Ladders, began manufacturing and importing ladders to provide Australians with easy and safe access to roof cavities.

Since then Attic Ladders have grown to become part of the Attic Group of companies, which now not only supply and install a wide range of foldaway ladders but also build anything from a dust-proof storage room to a full roof-space conversion.

Reaching a successful position requires not only raw ability but also hard-work, dedication and a powerful desire to succeed.

Doug Walters, Johnny ‘Bomber’ Peard and the Attic Group all had the necessary attributes to reach the position in their respective fields.

Since that first Attic Ladder foldaway ladder was installed in an Australian home more than three decades ago, the quality of product, sales and services have ensured the Attic Group grew into innovators in this country.

The Attic Group also have state head offices in Brisbane, Melbourne and Adelaide as well as a long list of distributors throughout country NSW, Victoria, and Queensland as well as in Tasmania, the ACT and Western Australia.

The Attic group are multiple winners of prizes at Master Builders Association (MBA) and Housing Industry of Australia (HIA) annual awards.

But for John Stewart and his staff with their diverse range of skills and expertise, the significant reward is having a satisfied and happy customer utilising previously unused roof space.