Atlas Copco Tools Australia  is the developer and manufacturer of a wide variety of industrial tools from drilling equipment to airline accessories. The operations of Atlas Copco Tools Australia have focussed on the development, manufacturing, supply and servicing of screw tightening systems and fixture related applications especially in the automotive and mechanical industries.

Under the stream of airline accessories, Atlas Copco Tools Australia has quick coupling that facilitates low pressure drop in addition to one handed operation for speedy and comfortable tool changing. The balancers provided make the tools easier to be used and render them almost weightless. The high performance hose of these accessories are fifty percent lighter than the standard ones used in the industry.

Electric Assembly tools offered by Atlas Copco Tools Australia find extensive usage in the automobile and related industries due to their high volume production activities and reliability under pressure. The Tensor ST, a highe torque tool is synonymous as the premium transducerised hand held nut runner in the market.

These tools are designed for compatibility with safety critical small screw assembly and provide in pistol grip, inline and right angle configurations to cover different customer needs.