Atlantic Australasia  introduces a new range of smart energy-efficient radiant heaters from Europe.

Tatou, the latest European design radiant heater combines style with breakthrough energy savings to offer superior comfort, and features the latest technological advances in intelligent motion, light and draft sensors to warm any space efficiently.

Tatou’s motion sensor enables the system to turn itself down by 2°C when no motion is detected for over 30 minutes, automatically resetting when motion is detected again.

The light sensor enables the heater to automatically turn down by 2°C on lights-out, with the system resetting when the lights are switched back on.

The draft sensor detects any rapid change in temperature, enabling Tatou to switch to standby and returning to heating automatically when the air temperature stabilises.

Tatou’s consumption indicator monitors energy use while the pre-set programs allow desired settings to be made.

Key features of Tatou radiant heaters:

  • New generation ‘black body’ radiant plate technology means only 80 watts per square metre of room area is recommended when sizing a heater
  • Digital temperature display
  • Energy consumption indicator
  • Eco mode for ultra energy efficiency
  • Wall bracket included
  • 7-year warranty
  • Child-safe surface temperature
  • Lockable control panel
  • Premium anti-dust process prevents allergies
  • Automated safety cut-off feature
  • Splash-proof design
  • Silent operation
  • Optional feet and castors