Acoustic panels in any colour

When considering acoustic panels, many of us think of timber finishes, but this isn’t necessarily the case. You can select from almost any colour with a number of different Atkar acoustic products available. Now make your designs come alive with Atkar acoustic panels.

Why use custom-coloured acoustic panels?

  • Ability to match brand colour
  • Influence mood and behaviour
  • Highlight architectural features
  • Create visual illusions
  • Make a space feel larger or more intimate

Choosing custom-coloured acoustic panels allows you to combine designer aesthetics with noise control.

So, which products can be customised and manufactured with any colour finish? Below are some of our most colourful options for your desired finish.

Custom Architectural Acoustic Panel Finishes

InLuxe Colour

Painted finish acoustic panels

Want custom-coloured acoustic panels? Our InLuxe Colour finish range is for you!

Enjoy almost limitless colour possibilities that are easily matched to the selection of your choice. Subtle pastels, vivid primaries, clears, metallic and even pearlescent colours are all on the menu – so let your imagination run wild.

A standard range of colours is available in our InLuxe Colour range.

Different gloss levels are available to your specifications too, whether you prefer matte, satin or gloss – we’ve got you covered. Panel edge profiles can be finished to the same specification too, ensuring it matches the panel face.

What type of finish is InLuxe Colour?

InLuxe Colour is Atkar’s premium two-pack surface finish, which delivers a superior solution to interior fitouts demanding a totally integrated colour scheme and excellent acoustic control.

2 Pack Paint – also known as 2 Pack or 2 Pack Polyurethane – is a combination of acrylic paint melamine and a hardener resin. It is super durable, and easy to clean and maintain. Plus, it creates a luxurious finish in almost any colour.

Which acoustic panels are available with this endless coloured finish options?

InLuxe Colour finish is suitable for an array of different product types, including Au.diPanel, Au.diSlot, Au.diSlat, Au.diTile, Au.diStyle, Au.diBeam, Au.diGroove and Au.diTone.

Coloured acoustic panels for medical environments

Medical settings

New innovative InLuxe ColourShield

A new option to our range of finishes is InLuxe ColourShield. Choose from almost any colour just like our InLuxe Colour finish range, but with the added benefit of an antimicrobial coating system.

InLuxe ColourShield innovative coating reduces the ability of bacteria to grow and spread on surfaces. Ideal for projects in the healthcare sector, encompassing hospitals, research centres and labs, doctors’ clinics, medical facilities and waiting rooms.

This durable coating offers permanent and continuous antimicrobial protection for the lifetime of the coating.

Fabric acoustic panels

Acoustic fabric

Decorative acoustic fabric is a common finish for acoustic panels. These panels add a soft touch to any space and are ideal for a number of different types of projects including theatres and cinemas, lecture halls, cafés and restaurants, and libraries.

Our InLuxe Fabric Colour options gives you the ability to select a range of colours from our standard options, or choose a unique colour or fabric to suit your design palette.

Au.diTouch products are a little different from standard acoustic fabric options. They are mounted onto a split batten concealed fixing system giving a much better finish than cheaper alternatives, which are typically glued straight onto the wall.

Vogl Toptec and Vogl Colour

Vogl Colour

We are major distributors of Vogl products in the Australian market. We’ve added two new products to our extensive range, including Vogl Toptec and Vogl Colour – both of which can be customised for any colour in the RAL colour chart. That’s 420 solid colours and 70 metallic colours to choose from!

Have something particular in mind? Atkar manufactures over 80% of our products onsite in Melbourne, so we can create fully customised acoustic decorative panels for your next project.