Atkar Group announces the release of Australia’s first manufactured micro perforated timber acoustic panel, Au.diMicro.

The new timber panels combine superior acoustic performance with the solid look of timber, achieving high level sound absorption as well as visual appeal. Their innovative design allows for a truly seamless integration of acoustic and non-acoustic panels. Acoustic testing by CSIRO shows an NRC value as high as 0.85.

The micro perforations in Au.diMicro have a minimal visual effect on the panel’s colour or grain pattern, providing a solid panel look.

Key features of Au.diMicro acoustic timber panels include high level acoustic performance with the almost invisible perforations providing high sound control; quick and easy installation on walls and ceilings with integrated Au.diMount concealed fixing; Sonus 2.0 integrated acoustic backing for optimum acoustic performance; choice of real veneer, decorative and custom finishes; and local manufacturing in Australia, providing shorter lead times on supply and allowing full customisation in size and design.

Au.diMicro panels are available with BCA Group 1 option.