Astec’s  Energy Star EC-100 Infrared Heat Reflective membrane was used as a roofing paint on this very large 56,000m2 asbestos roof. (as pictured)  This, as part of Astec’s full system, encapsulates asbestos sheeting thus ensuring the long term integrity and safety of the sheet, while at the same time affording the energy savings and environmental benefits of reduced substrate temperatures.  

Energy Star’s EC-100 Dirtguard Silicone Modified is a fully adhered, seamless waterproof membrane (brush, roll, or spray) that is formed in situ on the substrate, offering excellent resistance to ponded water.   Incorporating Astec’s Dirtguard technology the product remains cleaner for longer, providing excellent resistance to environmental dirt pick-up, added durability with weathering tests showing 400% increased longevity on a standard roofing paint and perfectly safe for rain water collection.  

Energy Star EC-100 DGSM properties:

  • Highest Solar Reflectivity tested SRI 113.89 Energy efficient
  • Waterproof acrylic roof paint
  • Elastomeric with elongation of 640% reinforced elongation 1220%
  • Low temperature flexibility to –20C
  • Environmentally friendly Low VOC
  • High volume solids
  • Suitable for Podiums, Decks, Balconies, Low slope roofing. 
It can be applied to correctly prepared Substrates: Concrete, Ply Deck, Fibro Sheeting, Concrete roof tile, Metal roof sheeting, (new or old, zincalume/powdercoated) and Asbestos.  

View many more photos of completed works from Australia and Overseas and see why this Energy Star product is receiving world recognition as a heat reflective paint that works and is backed by extensive testing, EPA membership and GECA certification.  

The fact that you can have protective coating membranes, paint and acrylic texture/render with heat reflective performance affords specifiers, energy raters, architects and builders further scope for achieving their energy ratings.  

It is available in 44 popular colour choices including very dark colours such as Slate Grey, Charcoal, Heritage Red, Yallara Brown, Pioneer, Mid Brunswick, Botanic and Carriage green.  (This project had minimal aesthetic visibility from ground level and so used White.)