The slim ASSA ABLOY SW300 is one of the strongest operators on the market. It has exclusive emergency features: panic breakout works in both directions and if the power is cut, the doors will open to ensure hazards such as smoke can escape when fitted with optional battery back up.

The ASSA ABLOY SW300 is an intelligent, heavy-duty electromechanical swing door operator with an attractive slim 70 mm design. 

It provides low noise during operation and it is the ideal choice for applications with high demands on gentle and smooth operation in combination with strength and high traffic flow. 

The innovative electronics in the ASSA ABLOY SW300 automatic swing door operator ensures minimal energy consumption for optimal door performance It compensates for stack pressure and wind load and yet remains easy to open manually and is the perfectly suited for heavy traffic flow entrances in healthcare, residential, office and public service environments where both low noise and ease of access are important.

It is safe to use for all, despite age and physical ability. In case of an obstruction by a person or object, the obstruction control ensures stop on stall and reverse operation. 

ASSA ABLOY SW300 provides a unique double-acting solution giving panic break-out in both directions with automatic reset. An optional embedded battery back-up and monitoring ensures operation even when the power is interrupted, while an intelligent locking function adds security.

ASSA ABLOY SW300 is suitable for applications such as: low-energy and heavy-duty, interior and exterior entrances, single- and double-leaf doors, push and pull applications, fire doors(depending on national regulations), escape routes with optional panic break-out in both directions with automatic reset, and smoke evacuation through inverse functionality.

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