Access flooring from ASP Access Floors was specified for the University of Technology, Sydney’s Information, Technology and Engineering Building in a massive installation over 14 levels.

The building is designed to create an open learning environment for students of the faculty. ASP Access Floors worked in conjunction with builder Lend Lease and architect Denton Corker Marshall to provide a superior raised access flooring solution across general office, learning and breakout areas.

Completed in June 2014, the project utilised ASP’s steel cementitious ultra fix airtight system with a 4.5kN loading.

The specification called for an underfloor air distribution system where each completed zone was to be tested to comply with specific air leakage rates. ASP’s airtight system complete with its clip-on airtight stringer and accessories such as baffling and bridging stringers, ensured that the flooring system achieved the required air leakage rates.

Spanning an area of approximately 22,500 square metres, ASP’s access floors allow the university building maximum flexibility by providing a readily accessible underfloor space to run electrical, mechanical and communications cabling.