The Easter ‘long-er’ weekend presents an opportune time to undertake some quick home improvements or to start the decision-making process for a longer renovation. Knowing where to start can be tricky, especially for highly functional and well-utilised rooms like the kitchen.

The first step in kitchen design is to decide how the room will be used – purely as a space to prepare and cook meals or also as a space to sit down to eat and interact or entertain in. For some smaller spaces, incorporating a laundry zone is also necessary.

“The kitchen is often described as the heart of the house,” says James Vogdanos, Marketing Director, ASKO. “It’s typically where the family gathers to cook, eat and share their day, so it’s important to ensure that the layout works with how the room is used.” Something else to consider when deciding on the room’s layout is the kitchen ‘work triangle’. The work triangle is the space between the oven or cooktop, the fridge and the sink. Keeping these elements together helps create an efficient and harmonious environment, saving time when preparing food and cooking.

Colours, cabinetry and splashbacks all contribute to the personal style of the kitchen but it’s important to take into consideration the large appliances that will feature, such as ovens, dishwashers and fridges. “These appliances are usually integrated within the cabinetry, so it’s crucial that the kitchen's design incorporates the style and size of each appliance.”

When it comes to fridges, the first thing to consider is the layout – top mount, bottom mount, side-by-side or French door are the most common. Next is the size and James recommends opting for a fridge with a large capacity for a family of four or more, or for those who entertain often.

“A fridge with a large capacity like the ASKO Pro Series (445 litres) is ideal as there’s plenty of space to store food and the adjustable shelves provide flexibility so you can store large items and platters easily,” says James.

Location is important to ensure that the fridge doors can open fully, allowing drawers to also open fully and be removed and replaced with ease. Ventilation also needs to be taken into account.

“The majority of fridges require a two centimetre space around the sides and up to five centimetres above for air circulation, but our Pro Series fridge freezer has air vents at the front so the gap can be reduced to just two millimetres,” advises James. “Also take into account easy access to a power point or have one put in especially for the fridge.”

For a seamless look, the fridge can be hidden into the kitchen cabinetry by adding doors that are identical to the rest of the cupboards. Another option is the contemporary look of stainless steel doors.

Top tips for fitting a new fridge into kitchen design plans:

  1. Choose a fridge that suits your lifestyle and how you like to cook or entertain.
  2. Take note of the fridge’s dimensions if planning to integrate into kitchen cabinetry.
  3. Ensure a power point is located within easy reach.
  4. Fridges with adjustable shelving racks will provide greater storage flexibility.
  5. Check the manufacturer’s recommendation for required space for air circulation and ventilation.
  6. A fridge with a high energy rating will save on electricity bills.
  7. Ensure there is enough space for the fridge door to open fully.

ASKO Pro Series™ fridge, freezer and wine chiller

Deeper than a standard fridge, ASKO’s fully adaptable fridge freezer and wine chiller will suit just about all storage needs. The fridge freezer features a 445 litre capacity, height adjustable shelving, flexible loading racks and electronic ice maker. Fresh and frozen foods are preserved in the best way possible thanks to a dual refrigeration system. The fridge drawers also have a separate temperature control to select either wine, freezer or fresh-food mode. A convertible freezer drawer allows conversion from fridge to freezer and vice versa in just three hours – a perfect function when more food needs to be stored for a dinner party or extra space is required for storing large food.

The wine fridge with convertible freezer drawer goes beyond wine storage and acts as a small wine care system. Holding 106 bottles, it features a dual zone to create the ideal storage environment for both red and white wine and the temperature can be set according to the type of wine being stored. Beechwood racks mean that the wine will not cool too quickly and the bottles will not be damaged. The bottom rack acts as a display rack and can be angled upwards where already opened bottles can be safely stored.

Part of the ASKO Pro Series collection, the fridge and wine fridge has dimensions of 2003mm x 750mm x 603mm and retail for $13,999 each. The stainless steel doors are an additional $999.

For more information, visit or call 1300 002 756 for stockists.


ASKO fridge freezer features :
•Convertible freezer drawer
•445 litre capacity
•Flexible loading racks
•Height adjustable shelving
•Temperature controlling unit
•Electronic ice-maker
•LED lights
•Removable bottle rack
•Frost free
•203cm height


ASKO wine fridge features:
•Holds 106 bottles
•Dual zone
•Convertible freezer drawer
•Temperature controlling unit
•Dimmable LED lights
•Frost free
•Extendable Beechwood racks
•Telescopic rails
•Soft closing function
•203cm height