The Lacrosse and Grenfell tower fires and the link to combustible external cladding have forced the global design and construction industry to pay close attention to the potential risks of non-compliant external cladding systems.

Beyond face value: Understanding the requirements for external cladding is a clear and concise examination of the key requirements in the National Construction Code (NCC) that apply to external cladding systems in Australia. In this whitepaper, the definition of “external cladding” is reviewed with reference to leading industry guidance. The key performance requirements relating to external cladding are clearly and concisely summarised, specifically: the provisions relating to fire performance, weatherproofing, structural performance and thermal performance.

For over fifty years, ASKIN has been the market leader in Australia and New Zealand for insulated, fire rated and architectural façade systems, roofing systems and temperature-controlled facilities. ASKIN provides an unparalleled focus on delivering complete building solutions that exceed NCC requirements for all types of constructions. ASKIN panel systems for external walls are high performing and fully compliant with all NCC performance requirements while also being supported by a full suite of services guiding customers through the building process.

Download this whitepaper today and dispel any confusion with this easy-to-understand summary of the key performance requirements for external cladding systems in Australia.