Entering into force in early 2019, the updated version of the National Construction Code (NCC 2019) implements several key changes relating to fire safety, condensation management and thermal performance. As a result, the NCC 2019 brings a greater focus on designing energy efficient, high performance and sustainable buildings. Australian designers and specifiers need to be aware of the practical implications of the new requirements and identify building solutions that meet or exceed them.

'The benefits of insulated wall panels in commercial projects: Performance, Passivhaus Design and compliance with the National Construction Code 2019' takes a closer look at the changes implemented by the NCC 2019 and what they mean for designers and specifiers. Key changes in relation to fire safety, condensation management and energy efficiency are covered. This is followed by an overview of insulated wall panels, their benefits and how such panels can contribute to compliance with the NCC 2019. We also cover how insulated wall panels compliment Passivhaus design principles. Finally, we present a range of high performance, code-compliant insulated panel systems ideal for almost any application or setting.

Since 1964, ASKIN has led the Australasian market in high performance insulated panel systems. With a network of 12 sites throughout Australia and New Zealand, the company is the largest regional manufacturer and installer of a broad range of high performance products, including insulated and fire-rated façade systems, roofing systems and temperature-controlled facilities.

Download this whitepaper to see how insulated wall panels can help you effectively and efficiently meet the new performance requirements implemented by the NCC 2019.