ASKIN Performance Panels provided a complete facade solution from design to recladding at the Melbourne Girls College.  

One of the schools identified by the Victorian School Building Authority (VSBA) for rectification of their external wall cladding, the Melbourne Girls College needed to have their existing external wall panels removed and replaced with a compliant, non-combustible solution. The expanded polystyrene and aluminium composite panels with a polyethylene (PE) core were to be replaced with an NCC Deemed to Satisfy compliant system, the objective being to reduce the risk of fire propagation around the school building.

To meet compliance requirements, ASKIN’s Volcore panel featuring a mineral wool core was used along with a 3mm solid aluminium material. Building Engineering Pty Ltd was responsible for the project with ASKIN commissioned as the head contractor to manufacture and install a compliant solution in accordance with the requirements of the NCC 2019 for non-combustibility.

ASKIN Volcore panels met the VSBA requirements for a Deemed to Satisfy solution per AS1530.1. Additionally, being a locally manufactured product, there was assurance that the critical deadlines for completion would be met. ASKIN’s experience in the rectification of other façade types provided considerable comfort to all stakeholders involved.

Though the project was scheduled over the school holidays to minimise disruption, some delays involving permits meant the schedule overlapped the Term Four period. The delay was caused by the need to clarify the Deemed to Satisfy requirements as required by the VSBA and its certifying representative. ASKIN’s experience came in handy at this point as they were able to assist Building Engineering with additional fire testing to give the building surveyor and façade engineer assurance above and beyond the requirements of the NCC.

Observing that it was essential to use the right products to achieve 100% compliance, Building Engineering construction manager Steve Sweeney said, “In terms of what the ASKIN team did to help us, they assisted throughout the testing stage, supplied extra labour and staged the program in a manner to make up for the delays.”

Having to operate within a fully operational school was an additional challenge during the execution of the project since there were a number of factors to be taken into consideration including school drop off and pick up, recess and lunch, noise and the general transient nature of the facility – with no compromise on safety.

ASKIN was responsible for design and drafting, specification, engineering, manufacturing, logistics and recladding of Melbourne Girls Grammar School Block A and Administration wings.

Melbourne Girls College facilities manager Glen Holland described his experience with ASKIN as a positive one, thanks to their efficiency, professionalism and ability to maintain cleanliness and order onsite.

The project was executed using ASKIN Exteriors panels with Volcore in a flat profile and COLORBOND Metallic Citi colour.

Melbourne Girls College Block A is now fully compliant with the requirements of the NCC 2019, and satisfies the desired outcome for the VSBA. The school is delighted with the final outcome.

ASKIN is proud to deliver a compliant façade solution with exceptional turnaround times for completion, while minimising disruption to building operations and ensuring the safety of its occupants.

Sweeney expressed his satisfaction with ASKIN’s commitment to getting the job done.

“The school is quite happy with our work and wants us to come back to do some unrelated work. This is due to the fact ASKIN made us look good!”