ASKIN Performance Panels supplied an insulated cladding solution for the Lights Community and Sports Centre in City of Port Adelaide, meeting both compliance and functional requirements.

Working in partnership with the South Australian government, the City of Port Adelaide Enfield Council sought to create a modern, sustainably managed and fit-for-purpose indoor recreation facility. Designed as a premier recreational venue, the facility would enable a diverse community to lead an active and healthy lifestyle.

The recreational facility would also include three multipurpose courts and two basketball courts as well as a cafe, office and commercial space. Studio 9 Architects was awarded the contract to design the facility.

Due to the soil condition of this site, it was necessary to use only lightweight materials. Additionally, the insulated cladding panels needed to comply and exceed fire and safety requirements. Cost was also an important consideration in the selection of materials. As a result, ASKIN Volcore was NATSPEC specified as per 0437p ASKIN Volcore performance panel cladding.

According to Studio 9 Architects associate architect, Kirsty Coultas, creating a space that was flexible in nature with a major focus on community was a very high priority for the client.

“The process itself was excellent with the community, council, and consultants working through the design, so all in all it was an inclusive process.”

ASKIN Performance Panels supplied Volcore Vivid panels in 12 shades of blues, greens and violets with a Silkline profile. As a lightweight, insulated panel product with a non-combustible core, the Volcore panel system addressed all the requirements for this project. Being a single component wall solution that served as the external cladding as well as the robust internal wall lining, Volcore Vivid exceeded the client’s expectations.

ASKIN became involved in the project in the early stages of design, allowing them to address any concerns around the fire safety of Volcore panels with documented testing, certifications and approvals. This also ensured all the stakeholders were confident they were using a safe and conforming Australian building product.

Elaborating on their highly collaborative work with ASKIN, Coultas said, “We had conversations with the ASKIN team in the early stages of design regarding fire properties. We worked through the details and requirements and this flowed through to the construction phase.”

ASKIN and Studio 9 Architects selected 12 shades of blues, greens and violets, all custom colours manufactured by COLORBOND – BlueScope Steel.

The selection of the 12 colours to meet the client’s expectations, maintaining ASKIN’s panel quality and ensuring warranty from BlueScope Steel required collaboration between all parties.

Consideration of darker and lighter colour placement, as well as the panel lengths for each elevation was required to maintain the thermal deflection of the insulated panel wall system. Darker colours in a COLORBOND steel finish can reach up to a maximum of 100 degrees in certain regions of Australia, whereas lighter shades will only reach a maximum of 60 degrees on the hottest day.

Volcore is a non-combustible insulated panel system with the added benefits of acoustic properties and thermal efficiency with R Values that far exceed the NCC minimum requirements. Its continuous insulation properties will ensure the recreational venue stays cool during summer and warm in the winter months.