Asco Joucomatic  offers complete valve solutions for various fluid control processes. The fluid control process include air, steam, water and oil control processes.

Asco Joucomatic provides pressure and temperature switches in wide range with patented alternating fulcrum balance plate, which allows two independent springs to control one pressure or temperature source.

Pressure and temperature switches from Asco Joucomatic are perfect precision instruments which monitor automatically the pressure and temperature fall and rise in the systems. Set points adjustments are controlled using the snap-action element of the switch.

TRI-POINT from Asco Joucomatic is a patented product. W It consists of two separates modules for the switch and the transducer. TRI-POINT is available as assembled product or in separate units for field assembly. Transducer units are available in various connection sizes and material. Elastomers are made available in number of types in stainless steel and resilient material. Pressure and temperature switches from Asco Joucomatic comply with the Standards Australia Approval for explosion proof.

Asco Joucomatic supplies sirai range of valves manufactured using the vertical integrated concept. Sirai valves are categorised in four ranges which include general purpose range, pinch range, dry range and micro range.

New range of products from Asco Joucomatic are 448 Series Rodless Cylinders, E290 Series Piston Valve, ASCO Valve Monitoring Systems and 551/552/553 Series Solenoid Valves.