Artemide  has been a manufacturer and supplier of innovative lighting products since 1959. Its products are available in categories such as indoor lighting, outdoor lighting and decorative lighting products for residential and commercial units. The major varieties of indoor lights from Artemide are table luminaires, floor luminaires, suspension luminaires and wall or ceiling luminaires.

The Artemide Architectural is a significant part of Artemide. The products found here are mostly wall and ceiling luminaires. The two types of float ceilings that the Artemide Architectural offers are float ceiling circular and float ceiling linear. These consist of T 16 circular and linear fluorescent lamps respectively. The Lost lamp consists of a T 16 compact lamp built in aluminum. The end caps are made essentially out of polycarbonate. The Talo is available in four types namely, the Talo Catamarano, Talo Wall, Talo Suspension and Talo System. The Nur is a suspension luminaire which caters to specific customer needs. It can be purchased to go with either a metal halide or compact fluorescent lamp in place.

Artemide also offers the DZ Outdoor range of lighting products. The products found here are the Tube, Signora, Konus, Elio, Palme, Westminister, Elle, Solid and Atoll to name a few.