Large collections of photos collected over the years can be difficult to arrange especially when using different types of frames

Art Hanging Systems hang photos and pictures of all shapes, weights and sizes and have extensive experience hanging large collections, delicate work and precious memories.

The professional installers at Art Hanging Systems consider different factors that contribute to a successful display: colours, tones, shapes, sizes, themes, frames and photo matts.

When arranging family photos prominent themes are identified that may help create a story. For example, one wall might display photos of children growing up. Another wall might display photos from overseas trips or old black and white and sepia photos.  

To avoid the problem of having lots of holes in walls, Art Hanging Systems recommend installing a picture hanging system.

The Clip Rail hanging system is an affordable option that’s designed to easily hang and rearrange family photos, pictures or an entire art collection without fuss. There’s no damage to walls and no tools are needed when hanging or rearranging. The Clip Rail hanging system suits all types of walls and cornice details and its hidden wall fixings and small profile give it a sophisticated, sleek look.