Art Hanging Systems  recently announced a new collaboration with Leonard Joel Auctioneers, one of Australia’s leading art auctioneers.

The art works for sale at Leonard Joel Auctioneers are displayed using sophisticated Art Hanging Systems’ Clip Rail hanging systems in the Sydney saleroom. Clip Rail hanging systems are easy and quick to use, enabling approximately 300 artworks to be hung in half the time previously taken.

Clip Rail art hanging systems also prevent any further damage to the walls when rehanging new exhibitions. This quality and efficient presentation can easily be recreated in any residential or commercial setting where artwork of investment or pleasure is displayed.

To ensure all upcoming exhibitions and events in their saleroom are shown in the best possible manner, Leonard Joel has also chosen Art Hanging Systems’ installation service.

Art Hanging Systems will offer the full range of art services to Leonard Joel clients, who will benefit from expert advice on hanging services, arrangement, lighting, conservation, customised art storage systems, Sydney transportation and picture hanging systems.