The silver and gold leaf gilding Master Class offered by Art Gilding is taught by experienced gilding teacher Karl Eggert.

In 1999, Karl Eggert and his wife Brigitte founded the Art Gilding Academy to make the craft of silver and gold leaf gilding available to anybody who wants to learn.

Having learned in Germany from master gilders in framing, as well as in church restoration, Karl has a broad knowledge of gilding and more than 45 years experience.

This knowledge and experience is reflected in his teaching program, where class sizes are kept to a maximum of six students to ensure the best learning experience.

In the fully certified two week Master Gilding class, Karl teaches students skills similar to those taught in three year apprenticeships. Silver and gold leaf gilding on plaster, timber, glass, metal and paper form part of the program.

Farmers and painters receive immediate benefits to their business from the Master Gilding course, and students also come from the fields of art, craft and interior design to attend the Art Gilding Academy.