Aluminium is one of the best metals to perforate for use in architectural projects. Thanks to its many advantages, aluminium perforated metal is one of the bestsellers at Arrow Metal.

Aluminium allows some of the most intricate architectural perforations because of the metal’s unique properties that aren’t compromised by punching, no matter how delicate the design.

Strength: Though a lightweight metal, aluminium when mixed with other alloys displays a high level of strength that’s equivalent to steel but only weighs about a third, according to the Australian Aluminium Council.

Flexibility: Aluminium’s flexibility allows it to be easily formed into different shapes without breaking, making it a great choice for perforated panels that require a bending or folding design.

Durability: Aluminium can stand up to extreme weather and corrosion and isn’t affected by temperature fluctuations. When exposed to oxygen, it forms a unique protective aluminium oxide layer with self-repair properties.

Finish: Aluminium allows the application of different finish effects, including colours, with powder-coating delivering additional durability.

Environment-friendly: Aluminium is a green material, making it ideal for sustainable projects. Being 100% recyclable, it can be recycled endlessly. The Australia Aluminium Council estimates that around two-thirds of the aluminium ever produced is still in use today and almost all aluminium used in construction is recycled.

Aluminium perforated metal projects by Arrow Metal

Harris Park Station

Harris Park Station

Aluminium was the best choice for the geometric pattern specified for Harris Park Station’s new footbridge. The design, which consisted of hexagons and diamonds with custom tooled shapes, was precision perforated on individual panels of 3mm aluminium sheet to create the footbridge cladding.

Gosford Hospital

Gosford Hospital

Arrow Metal supplied over 100 perforated aluminium panels for Gosford Hospital’s new staff walkway. Each 3mm panel was perforated in pattern 244, a cost-effective, stylish profile with a 51% open area for good airflow and visibility. Each panel was powdercoated for added durability in the coastal location.

University of Newcastle NeW Space

University of Newcastle NeW Space

Aluminium’s flexibility and weather-resistant properties made the metal ideal for the indoor/outdoor learning capsules of the University of Newcastle’s NeW Space educational precinct.

Since the precinct was located in an area known for its windy conditions, the perforation pattern and choice of metal ensured maximum wind resistance and student comfort. Arrow Metal individually perforated over 400 panels of 3mm aluminium to create the unique learning booths.

Aluminium perforated metal in stock

Arrow Metal stocks aluminium perforated metal in a wide range of popular profiles and perforation patterns. Panels can also be supplied with custom perforated designs.