The new automatic ventilation controller (AVC) from Arens International coordinates the ventilation of multiple rooms or zones by simultaneously controlling up to eight additional zone controllers.

The Arens automatic ventilation controller works by sending signals to windows to open or close depending upon factors such as the season, time of day, rain, wind speed and internal and external temperatures. Offering one of the highest levels of functionality in the Arens range of ventilation controllers, the new AVC can be integrated with building management systems.

Some of the key benefits of Arens automatic ventilation controllers include providing automatic natural ventilation, while also allowing occupants to manually operate windows in each room; operating characteristics adaptable to season, day of week, hours of the day or even school term dates; and ability to be integrated with building management systems or other control systems within the building such as HVAC, fire, security and lighting.

AVCs are used for natural ventilation in different types of buildings and operate on the basis of information gathered from the wind, rain, and internal and external temperature sensors to open or close windows and maximise occupant comfort. An AVC allows night purging to be programmed for hot air to escape from the building and be replaced by cooler air during pre-set hours of the night.

The Arens automatic ventilation controller can be integrated with HVAC systems to signal the windows to close when the HVAC system begins to operate. Similarly, when integrated with fire alarm systems, the AVC will open or close windows on receiving a fire signal. The AVC can also be integrated with security and REED switch systems to trigger the alarm if the windows are operated when the security system is on.

Arens automatic ventilation controllers can be adapted to suit the needs of specific project requirements and applications. For instance, operating characteristics are fully adaptable according to the season, day or time; features such as night purging, sensor limits, actuator stroke, hours of operation and integration can all be configured to suit the project; the AVC can operate independent of, or be integrated with a building management system; and the controller can be installed in various building types such as office buildings, schools, universities, community centres/halls and aged care centres.

Arens automatic ventilation controllers have been installed at Padua College, Tyabb Campus; Arbourlea Children’s and Family Centre, Cranbourne North; Kilvington Grammar Middle School, Ormond; and Parkdale Intergenerational Community Hub, Parkdale.