ARDEX Australia has developed a system that enables a tiled floor to be easily, quickly and inexpensively removed at the end of its useful life. Tagged as the first ‘floating floor tile system’ in Australia, ARDEX X23 comprises a mat which is laid over, but not adhered to, the substrate. Tiles are then adhered to this mat with a special adhesive that provides flexibility, impact resistance and adhesion strength. As the tiles are affixed directly to the mat, there is no screed required, and the build height of the floor is significantly minimised.

When the tiles need to be replaced due to the end of a lease term or their aesthetics are no longer desirable the mat is simply lifted, bringing the tiles with it - without any damage to the original substrate..

The Beaumont chain of tile retailers as used the ARDEX X23 system in four of its stores so far, with excellent results. In the flagship Castle Hill store, for example, all 960sq m of floor was tiled with ARDEX X23 using 600x600mm polished porcelains in the main areas and a selection of other tile sizes elsewhere. Not a single tile was damaged throughout the process and there were no cracked grout joints - both common problem with poor point loading tile systems.

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