ThermalHEART by Architectural Window Systems is a leading Australian range of thermally broken aluminium windows and doors developed specifically to improve thermal efficiency in residential and commercial applications. ThermalHEART, the technology at the core of these thermally broken windows and doors, is Australian designed, fully tested and manufactured to meet and exceed Australian building standards.

ThermalHEART has been tested in a fully accredited laboratory featuring one of the largest pressure booths in the industry, which ensures that the product will perform to its specification. The laboratory is equipped to enable simulation of weather conditions through manipulation of air and water spray flow as well as conduct remote monitoring of air leakage, and deflection testing of windows and doors. ThermalHEART window and door systems are subjected to the physical extremes anticipated in the application environment, and are engineered in compliance with Australian building codes and relevant industry standards.

AWS’ research and development team invest significant effort in closely understanding the needs of the Australian market and architectural design. The localised design, development and production process ensures that ThermalHEART window and door systems address these requirements.

In cold climates, ThermalHEART thermally broken aluminium window and door systems can drastically reduce the outside cold from entering the building, making buildings warmer; help keep the warm air in, reducing heating costs; and eliminate condensation, which often occurs due to the difference in temperature between the interior and exterior environments.

In a warm climate, ThermalHEART thermally broken aluminium window and door systems act as a buffer against the hot air outside, minimising the transfer of heat into a building; and minimise the loss of cool air from artificial cooling units, reducing the need for cooling.

ThermalHEART systems also minimise the impact of Sick Building Syndrome, an emerging problem in commercial buildings in Australia, by inhibiting condensation from forming on the inside of the window frame. This reduces moisture and potential mould formation, which in turn, lowers the risk of respiratory illnesses associated with damp living conditions.

Being Australian designed, tested and manufactured, ThermalHEART is the ideal product for commercial building applications throughout Australia.