Tree management and landscape specialist, Arborgreen Landscape Products , has made available its Vertical Tree Guard to help councils, public works bodies and green keepers ensure young trees are not affected by common hazards of society.

Made in Australia and simple to use, the Arborgreen Vertical Tree Guard is available in standard or civic versions - a large range of standard and custom designs to suit every streetscape requirement – from high profile sites to residential streets.

Often in urban settings, young trees in are particularly vulnerable to damage from bicycles, gratuitous acts of vandalism and other common afflictions.

Arborgreen Vertical Tree Guards are of strong construction and are supplied in various designs to provide the ideal and functional answer to such problems.

The civic range of steel mesh tree guards are stylish, highly functional yet inexpensive way of protecting valuable trees while enhancing the landscape.

While protecting trees against vandalism and accidental damage, Arborgreen Vertical Tree Guards are also designed to fit with the Arborgreen tree grille range.

Not only does the technology discourage vandalism, it gives young trees a head start and in most cases is reusable, fast and simple to install, extremely sturdy and available in the following sizes:

  • Mini: 510mm diameter x 1000mm high
  • Standard: 710mm diameter x 1500mm high
  • Large: 710mm diameter x 1800mm high

Bright galvanised versions or powder coated Heritage Green guards are also available.