Tree pit irrigation and root management products are among the new items and services in Arborgreen Landscape Products’ new catalogue, now available as a PDF or in HTML format for online browsing and shopping.

The 2008/9 catalogue includes innovations such as RootRain, ReRoot root barriers, Root Directors and RootCell.

The catalogue also includes support and protection products such as tree anchoring systems, tree ties and sustainable tree ties.

Tree grilles, frames and guards are represented, as are tree pits including the Arboresin resin-bound porous tree pit surfacing.

Arborgreen Landscape Products note that successful tree planting brings many benefits to the urban environment.

For example:

  • The crown of a large tree is a freestanding anti-flood reservoir. One hundred mature trees capture about 1.1 million litres of rainwater per year by absorbing rain and slowing the flow of stormwater
  • 100 trees remove five tonnes of carbon dioxide from the air each year and about 450 kilograms of pollutants
  • A big tree removes 60 to 70 times the pollution of a small tree

According to Arborgreen Landscape Products, Planting a tree in the urban environment involves a major change in the habitat that the tree will have to adapt to – compared to its normal rural conditions.

A tree in town must cope with a harsh paved surround, microclimate temperatures, reflected glare, exposure to wind and gratuitous vandalism.

Below ground, it faces an equally hostile environment of compacted soils, lack of quality rootable volume, competition for space with multiple utilities, as well as trenching and pavement works.

While people cannot recreate entirely the conditions that trees enjoy in woodlands, they can go a long distance in improving their chances of thriving in challenging conditions.

By protecting trees above and below ground, managing and providing for delicate root systems, one can as far as possible recreate optimum conditions for the trees to do well.

Arborgreen Landscape Products said that their Arborsystem for specifiers and installers brings together the key elements of successful tree pit design, simplifying the design and installation process.

By using Arborgreen Landscape Products’ CAD disk or hard copies, together with the new standard NBS format specification clauses, landscape professionals can combine root management, structural soil components, aeration, irrigation and choose an appropriate above-ground surface grille and vertical guard – in a single package.

Arborsystem will help landscape designers to:

  • Ensure product compatibility
  • Significantly reduce time spent on specifying, quoting and ordering
  • Adapt a system to suit differing location and budget constraints
  • Demonstrate to clients a professional long-term approach to tree planning and management issues
  • Benefit from Arborsystem’s on-site support service for peace of mind

The Arborsystem integrated tree pit product package has proved itself in many demanding locations. For many landscape specifiers, it has become the system of choice for integrating trees into the urban environment.

Indeed the Arborgreen GR9-19 packages are the advanced and comprehensive complete tree pit systems available on the market.