Trees are often specified for footpaths and malls, where there is constant pedestrian and light wheeled traffic.

To provide an area around the tree, which allows for growth of the trunk as well as absorption of air and water by the roots, tree-grates are used.

The Ultra-Grate, available from Arborgreen Landscape Products , is an attractive, durable and inexpensive answer.

If it is not possible to drop the sapling through the Ultra-Grate or the Ultra Grate over the sapling, then the Ultra-Grate can be parted one side, fitted around the tree and rejoined.

The Ultra-Grate is designed to be screwed down to the matching Root Director, or alternatively to a Duragal angle frame, which can be set in concrete.

Stakes or a Tree-Guard are generally installed, to be removed when the trunk is strong enough, leaving the Ultra-Grate to take the traffic.