Turf cells are turf reinforcement systems that are newly available from Arborgreen Landscape Products . They are used to stabilise and reinforce grass as well as prevent the compaction of the grass root zone. This happens when the roots cannot get the oxygen, moisture and nutrients they need from the soil which causes the grass to suffocate and then die.  

The turf cells are made from 100 per cent recycled chemical resistant, UV stabilised impact resistant polymer. They form an open grid like structure when laid and their flexibility allows the grid to follow the undulations of the ground as well as cut around borders, trees, plants, etc. The open grid structure also insures a root development area of 90 per cent and 100 per cent grass coverage.

These turf cells are quick and easy to install and are completely invisible once in the ground. Being a ring shaped design means that these turf cells have no weak corners and are extremely strong. They are able to support the weight of fire trucks, aeroplanes, helicopters and other heavy, low volume traffic.

These turf reinforcement systems provide storm water drainage and retention onsite. They can also be supplied in custom sized rolls for faster installation.

These turf reinforcement systems are suitable to use wherever a luxuriant trafficable grass surface is required. Examples of their applications are:

  • Recreation areas
  • Golf course cart paths
  • Private residence grassed driveways
  • Grass surrounds of public buildings