Arborgreen Landscape Products  is manufacturing the new RC 120 RootCell in Australia as an extension of successful RC 090 root cells developed by Greenleaf in the UK.

This new model is the result of extensive computer aided modelling and engineering design to maximise strength, rigidity and available root space while minimising cost.

Generally, people are not prepared to wait for trees to grow, so there is an expectation that a fully grown tree will be planted straight away.

There is an increasing trend towards planting larger, more mature trees in our landscapes, for a number of good reasons. This accentuates the responsibility to provide the good environment for the tree, including that unseen but critical area, the root zone.

Making the circumstances even more challenging is that in some places there are good trees on bad footpaths and in other places it is the other way around. Sometimes tree roots are prone to attacking water pipes or exploring aerated zones under pavement surfaces – to the eventual detriment of the pavement.

But the load bearing RC 120 RootCell allows large, healthy trees in the urban environment to have large, healthy root systems growing in quality, uncompacted soil.

Each RC 120 RootCell is modular and can be stacked to provide a generous layer of available root zone, relevant to the type and size of the tree. It is made from recycled material with high structural integrity.

It is a skeletal, load-bearing, modular structure which supports compaction for roadways and footpaths. The open space (95%) within the RootCell structure is loaded with quality soil to create a premium root zone below valuable infrastructure.

The RC 120 is 93% larger than the original Greenleaf RootCell so installations are now faster. Biometric costing has been reduced by 60%, making Arborgreen tree pits an economical proposition for a vast range of installations in cities and towns.

A lateral interlock permits root cells to clamp together to form a matrix. A vertical interlock can be clicked together in multiple layers. In general, RC 120 RootCells have wide-open spaces for tree roots.

Vertical load bars reinforce the cylinders to maximise strength and provide a long life. Root feeder portals are openings that permit feeder roots to access soil within the RootCell cylinders.