Young trees planted into a concrete podium at a new Sydney sports ground are protected using Arborsystem tree guards and tree pits, which include RootCells and tree grilles with watering inlets.

The Bruce Purser Reserve in the rapidly expanding Rouse Hill area has been built over a reclaimed and stabilised waste facility.

Landscape architects Clouston Associates specified Arborsystem tree pits from Arborgreen Landscape Products for the ornamental pears (pyrus species) set in the podium. A generous rooting zone is provided by structural RootCells loaded with quality soil below pavement.

According to Arborgreen Landscape Products RootCells provide a cellular load bearing structure that prevents the soil becoming compacted and lifeless. They maximise the tree’s rooting area, promoting a multiple rooting pattern that is suited to urban locations.

Tay cast-iron tree grilles were installed over the tree pits, enabling the trees to receive natural water and keep the surrounding soil loose. Conniston vertical tree guards ensure that the trees are protected from physical injury while they are growing.

According to Arborgreen Landscape Products the young trees are in a paved location where there is no natural root irrigation, so RootCells and tree grilles are essential for the health of the plants. The tree guards will prevent damage from people contact, vandalism and trunk defacement.

A fully integrated, cast aluminium watering inlet twist-locks into the grille and is flush with the cast iron surface for added vandal resistance. The vented lid swings up to allow watering of the tree pit.

The grilles and guards can withstand intensive usage while adding architectural flair to the paved surface.