RootCell, an effective tree growth and root control system, has been installed by Arborgreen Landscape Products as part of a streetscape renovation programme in Epping in Sydney’s northwest.

The programme, carried out for the Parramatta City Council, uses RootCells and a permeable pavement to secure a plentiful water supply for the young trees, while ensuring that the root systems have room to grow.

According to Arborgreen Landscape Products, RootCells provide enlarged underground volume for the developing roots to prevent them being impacted by the weight of the pavement above.

About 20 young trees in Rawson Street have been planted with the RootCell system, which provides quality soil for the tree roots to prevent them growing upwards and damaging the pavement or road surface.

Between the tree plots, the footpath has been paved with partially interlocking pavers set into a fine resin-coated aggregate that allows the passage of both water and oxygen into the root zone below. Ornamental pears and magnolia grandiflora were chosen for their street shading and decorative qualities.

Arborgreen Landscape Products’ RootCells allow trees growing in an urban environment to have large, healthy root systems sustained in quality uncompacted soil.

Each cell is modular and can be stacked to provide a generous layer of available root zone, relevant to the type and size of the tree. The cells are made from recycled material with extremely high structural integrity.

Their skeletal load-bearing structure prevents soil compaction between high-traffic roadways and footpaths. The open space (95%) within the RootCell structure is filled with quality soil to create a premium growing space.

Arborgreen Landscape Products says the RootCell system is a vital insurance against root drought and oxygen starvation that can cause the demise of young trees in the fragile early stages when they are establishing themselves.

Far-sighted local authorities such as Parramatta Council know that these practical and durable root protection systems ensure that newly-planted trees will grow reliably, with no losses that require expensive re-plantings.