Aquatherm Australia  specialises in producing plastic pipe systems for water and heating sectors. Aquatherm Australia started as a company producing and installing warm water floor heatings and now this company is also known for supplying floor heatings.
Aquatherm Australia offers various pipe systems such as Fusiotherm pipe system, Climatherm pipe system and Aquatherm Firestop sprinkler pipe systems.
Aquatherm Firestop provides a wide range of pipes and fittings to its customers for installation of fire sprinkler systems. Fusiolen material which is a plastic, is used for producing these pipes. These pipes are designed to meet the needs of various application. The sprinkler pipe systems are based on fibre reinforced polypropylene pipes which are produced in multi layer extrusion process.
The unique feature of Aquatherm Firestop from Aquatherm Australia is that, it is corrosion proof and requires less maintenance. These systems also prevent clogging up of the sprinklers with corrosion products. These sprinkler pipe systems are weldable and do not require any adhesives and sealants to create joints.
The advantages of using Aquatherm Firestop sprinkler pipe systems are, its resistance against chemicals and corrosion. It also has sound and heat insulating characteristics and is not easily flammable. The plastic pipe and fittings cannot be installed outdoors and they are not suitable for drinking purposes.
The product range from Aquatherm Australia includes pipes, sockets and reducers, flange adapters, wall disks and adapters.