Aquaheat Energy Systems  provides innovative and efficient solar pool water heating systems. Solar pool water heating systems comprise of two circulating components which include photo thermal conversion and pool water heat absorption circuits.

The photo thermal conversion system from Aquaheat Energy Systems comprises of solar collector panels and heat exchange tanks. These heat exchange tanks are located on the ground while solar panels are present on the roof. Heat exchange tanks are connected to the solar panels with the aid of pipe works. Pool water gets transferred to the heat exchange tanks which gets heated up and circulated back to the pool.

Solar pool water heating systems offered by Aquaheat Energy Systems employs the indirect heat exchange methodology which helps in providing clean hot water. Heat exchange tanks have a storage capacity of about 460L and manufactured from tough UV stabilised corrosion resistant materials. It is also found to have good durability. The presence of sealed unpressurised storage cylinder avoids the usage of costly pressure relief valves.

Multi purpose heat exchange options of the heating systems, provided by Aquaheat Energy Systems, are available in six different sizes. It is capable of handling higher volume and offers good flexibility. It also has multiple primary heat source options which include air conditioning heat pump, boiler, gas and waste heat recovery.