Clearwater Technology  specialises in the manufacture of Aquacell water recycling systems for over 10 years. Clearwater Technology offers the on site water recycling systems which is the most efficient way of providing safe drinking water and reducing water consumption.

Clearwater Technology provides the government organisations and various industries a technology to manage their water effeciently. Clearwater Technology has received awards including the Excellence in Innovation award for the new technologies and innovative products and services.

Clearwater Technology offers a range of Aquacell products to suit variety of water recycling needs. Single dwelling systems, multi dwelling systems, systems for unsewered and water recycling from sewage are some of the systems available from Clearwater Technology.

Aquacell from Clearwater Technology is a chemical free water treatment system which allows saving up to 600 litres of water per day. Aquacell collects the waste water, then purifies it without the use of any chemicals and makes it available again for use in gardens and toilets.

Aquacell from Clearwater Technology is simple to use and requires no maintenance as the filter cleans itself without using chemicals. The Aquacell filters are very durable in nature. Aquacell systems are available for process water, drinking water and sewage treatment.

The standard Aquacell systems from Clearwater Technology are ideal for use in residences while the bigger water recycling systems are used commonly in camping grounds, large hotels, resorts, commercial buildings and apartments.