Appliance Tagging Services  are electrical contractors that specialises in providing electrical safety assessments, testing and reporting management systems in accordance with Australian safety standards.

Appliance Tagging Services has over 10 years of experience in appliance testing, tagging and electrical safety devices. Appliance Tagging Services is also a member of Safety Institute of Australia.

Appliance Tagging Services provide total compliance management for workplace safety with its automated testing, tagging systems and administrative process. To help with the complexity of testing and tagging services, Appliance Tagging Services has undertaken full Public liability and professional indemnity insurance.

Portfolio of Appliance Tagging Services include electrical safety testing, portable appliance testing, asset management and data recording, repairs and maintenance, microwave leakage testing, safety switch installations, inspection and testing, three phase testing, light level metering, relamping, thermal imaging, switchboard audits, emergency and exit light testing, fire protection maintenance, general electrical installations and electrical testing and tagging certified trainer services.

Testing and tagging equipment from Appliance Tagging Services include test tag printer, automated portable appliance tester and barcode scanner. The test tag printer is used for on-site printing of durable and customised test tags which are attached to an appliance while the automated portable appliance tester is used for logging test and tag results. Other testing and tagging equipment includes barcode scanner which is used for rapid data entry on the tester for asset description, make, model, serial number, asset site and asset location.