Brisbane-based Apollo CMS is a specialist concrete and steel maintenance contractor offering a comprehensive range of services to the commercial building sectors and government authorities. Some of the services include: 

  • Installations and re-roofing of a wide range of commercial, industrial and government buildings, service stations, etc.
  • Application of high-performance protective epoxy coatings for floors and other surfaces in industrial and commercial premises such as reservoirs, water treatment facilities, manufacturing premises, warehouses, hospitals, prisons, abattoirs and breweries.
  • Specialist Oxygen, water or contaminant corrosion treatments to prevent damage in concrete and steel structures such as storage silos, effluent treatment plants and bridges.
  • Cleaning, maintenance and restoration projects, particularly historical building restoration (i.e.Historic Treasury Building that now houses the Conrad Treasury Casino, in Brisbane). Other projects include roadways, warehouses and manufacturing premises, and the interiors and exteriors of a wide range of government and privately owned buildings.