The NSW Cladding Product Safety Panel (CPSP) has confirmed that bonded laminate materials such as AODELI’s NCP (non-combustible panel) have been tested and determined fit for use as replacement cladding materials under the nationwide Project Remediate program.

Aodeli NCP

This decision comes after extensive testing and consultation with industry experts to determine the best products for use as part of the program – with safety being the most important consideration. The completion of this lengthy and important process now means that apartment owners can have confidence in the products being selected and used to reclad their buildings. This will also be of relief to the residents and tenants of these buildings. 

“We always welcome independent testing and verification of our products. Safety is at the forefront of what we do at AODELI and having a product that we have designed specifically as a non-combustible solution for the Australian cladding market is important. NCP has many benefits to building owners, but it is also a popular product for our customers due to its lightweight and machinability. This is a great result for the industry as a whole,” Aodeli general manager Wayne Saunders said. 

The CPSP has spent a lot of time researching and investigating all the products available on the market currently and evaluated them together. The products selected by the team will provide the market with confidence when choosing a replacement material for a remediation project. 

NCP has been in use in Australia for several years and is AS1530.1 and AS1530.3 compliant non-combustible.