Building facades offer a massive canvas for companies to showcase their corporate identity. Car showrooms, for instance, use bright, bold colours and visual effects on their facades to advertise their brands and stand out from the competition.

Exterior facades at these showrooms need to be as vibrant as the stylish and modern vehicles on the showroom floor, which means both facades and facilities require to be constantly updated to retain brand freshness. This is good news for cladding manufacturers as it creates a regular source of work.

While established names in the cladding market can capitalise on this opportunity afforded by the car showroom segment, relative newcomers do find it difficult to get a break in the industry.

Not so for Aodeli Australia, which has been able to land some of these prized projects, despite their  rookie status in the industry.

Aodeli has been able to break into the industry based on their ability to colour match exactly to the corporate identity colour of the dealership; guarantee full compliance and testing for their panels; and ensure their finishes are able to withstand the harsh Australian climate.

Aodeli’s increasingly popular non combustible panels (NCP) with their highly acclaimed German-backed coating technology have been successfully installed in projects for well-known brands such as Mazda and Toyota.

The manufacturing quality, reliability and effectiveness of Aodeli’s products have also been noticed by other major brands including Mercedes Benz, Hilton Hotels and Linfox.